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Profile for Eyeconic Inc.

Personal Information

Profession: Contact Lens Distributor (CD)

11135 Trade Center Dr #180
Rancho Cordova, CA, 95670

Phone: (877) 478 7553
Fax: (877) 467 0963

Year of Birth:

  • School Name:
  • Degree Date:

License Information

  • License Number: 75-00010
  • License Type: Active
  • License Status: Current
  • License Expiration Date: 10/14/2023
  • Original License Date: 10/15/2010
  • Last Renewal Date: 11/04/2022
  • Date This Status: 11/04/2022
  • Continuing Education Year:
  • Temporary License Permit Number:
  • Temporary License Permit Issue Date:
  • Temporary License Permit Expiration Date:

Practice Specialty

Specialties and board certifications are for MDs and DOs only and are self-reported. Therefore, they are not independently verified by the Board of Healing Arts.

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Health Care Facility Privilege Actions

None Reported

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Statement from Licensee or Registrant

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License Profile last updated: November 27, 2022