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Search Tips

The surname is the most common piece of information used when performing searches. However, with more than 2,000,000 people in the United States with the surname of Smith, you are encouraged to narrow your search of a common surname by adding a first name, or profession. Also be aware that if your search does not provide you with the results you had hoped for, try a variant form of spelling the surname. For example, Smith may actually be Smyth or Smythe.

When searching for a licensee on our web site, it is not necessary to fill in all fields, but you must fill in at least one field. Searches may contain partial names, but must include at least three letters of the name. When the resulting list of a search is too long, you should provide more search criteria. Please read below for more help in using the Licensee and Registrant Search.

In addition, please note that some of our licensees or registrants may be licensed or registered in more than one profession. If this is the case, he or she may appear twice in the alphabetical listing, but with different license numbers.

Case Sensitive

Search fields are not case sensitive. You can use uppercase or lowercase letters and receive the same results.


When looking for a practitioner in a specific city, type in the name of the city. Searches may contain partial city names, but must include at least three letters in the city name.

Name (Last Name or First Name)

Enter the licensee or registrant's last name and, if known, first name. Searches may contain partial names. You need to supply at least three letters in either the last name or first name fields.

Middle Initial

No more than one character is allowed in this field.


Only one profession can be selected at a time.


This field is for MDs and DOs only and is self-reported. Therefore, it is not independently verified by the Board of Healing Arts. Only one specialty can be searched at a time. To search for other healthcare professionals, use the Profession drop-down box.

Non-Commercial use

This web site is intended for non-commercial use by the general public. Commercial users may be blocked.

Partial Names

Searches may contain partial names, but must include at least three letters of the name.

Too Many Names in the Result List

Your search may result in too many names. Try entering more letters of the last name, or entering other criteria such as city name or profession.

No Names in the Result List

Your search may result in no names. Try entering fewer criterions such as fewer letters of the last name.


If you are not sure how to spell a licensee's or registrant's name, type only the first few letters of the last name. You will get the names of all licensees whose names begin with those letters. Example: for "Johnsen" or "Johnson" you would type "Joh".

Student/Postgraduate License

This designation indicates that the licensee has not completed his/her education and/or training. The term “student” is used for allied health professionals. “Postgraduate” is the term used when a licensee has completed his/her education, but has not completed the required training program.