Kansas Highway Patrol - Online Crash Logs

Kansas Highway Patrol - Online Crash Logs

Date: 06/22/2022

Time: 19:00

County: Geary

Location Description: Interstate 70 302.3 Westbound mile marker or In front of Marshall Army Airfield on Interstate 70.

Investigated by: K126

Type: Fatality

Hit and Run: No

Police Pursuit: No

Crash Narrative: Vehicle One was Westbound on Interstate 70. Driver One lost control and laid the bike down. Vehicle One impacted the guardrail, where both the Driver One and Vehicle One slide to a stop.

Year: 2016

Make: Victory Motorcycle


License: 33CG

State of Origin: Kansas


Insurance: Yes

Insurance Company: American Standard

Removed by: Homestead Wrecker

Removed to:


Driver of Vehicle 1 Information

Name: Noles, Patrick S.

City: Junction City

State: Kansas

Hospital/Mortuary: Stormont Vail

Taken to: Hospital

Age: 39

Sex: Male

Code: Fatal Injury

Safety Restraint: No

Next of Kin Notified: Yes

By Who: Stormont Vail staff

Date: 06/23/2022

Time: 12:45

Comments: Was not wearing safety helmet.