Kansas Motor Vehicle Records

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When searching for title information, there are three locale inquiry types (current, history, and work in process). What do each of these mean and why can't I search for all with one search?

The data for the Motor Vehicle Title records are stored in three different databases at KDOR. These are independent of each other and there isn't a way to perform one search that encompasses all these combined. Here is explanation of each type of locale inquiry to help with which one to select:

  • Work In Process:These are records that have been updated recently and haven't been finalized or moved to the "current" database.

  • Current: These are current title, registration, and lien records.

  • History: These are historical title, registration, and lien records.

2. What is Opt Out?

Summary -- On September 13, 1994 the Driver Privacy Protection Act of 1994 was enacted into law, with its provisions becoming effective three years from this enactment, September 13, 1997. The Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994, required states to give residents the option to close their record information to the public. The term generally used to quickly reference this change was "Opt Out." In October of 1999, Congress amended the Driver's Privacy Protection Act to require states to close all vehicle records to the general public and give residents the option to keep their records open. This amendment to the law was effective June 1, 2000. The term generally used to quickly reference this change was "Opt In." Only individuals who have certified their eligibility in writing by completing a Certificate of Acceptable Use, like yourself, are able to view motor vehicle records.

In order to obtain the record of persons who have opted out, you must complete an Acceptable Use Certificate (PDF), sign and mail it to us at:

534 S Kansas Ave., Suite 1210
Topeka, KS 66603-3406
phone: 1-800-452-6727

3. I used to be able to search for Driver's License and Title records by name, but those search options are no longer there. Why have these been removed?

The Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles, and Kansas.gov have made the decision to eliminate the "index" search option based on our commitment to increase the level of security and privacy for the citizens of Kansas.