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Active dentists are required to take a minimum of 60 hours of continuing education before they can renew their licenses. An active dentist who is a specialist is required to have 40 of the 60 total hours to be specialty hours. Active Dental Hygienists are required to take 30 hours of continuing education before they can renew their licenses. If you are an Extended Care Permit Holder II, the 30 hours must have a minimum of six hours education in the area of special needs care. Retired Dentists and Dental Hygienists do not need to complete any continuing education to renew.
No, continuing education hours only need to be sent to the board office if you are audited. If you are being audited you will mail in your certificates with the paper form.
No. Continuing education hours must be completed within the two-year license renewal period.
Licensees will receive their license within approximately 15 working days of renewing online.
It will be the date that the payment was made. If you begin your renewal at 11:55pm on the 15th and complete with payment at 12:01am on the 16th, the date of your renewal will be the 16th.
No, those who must mail in information will not be able to renew on-line, such as military or those with disciplinary data to report.
The only practice status change possible online is from "Active" to "Retired". All other practice status changes need to be done with a paper renewal.
If you are selected to be audited you will need to renew by the paper form and send in copies of your CE certificates.
You will need to submit either a copy of marriage certificate/divorce decree into the board office. You can not change your name using the online renewal.
If you do not want to renew your license, you will need to notify the board office in writing that you would like to cancel your license.
You will need to use the paper renewal form and supply the CEs for the period of time you were retired.
There are a couple of possible reasons this is happening; you may have stepped away from your computer for too long and you were timed out of the system - this typically happens if you leave the filing page open for more than 20-30 minutes, or this could also indicate that your cache file is storing or remembering actions that your computer took when you first attempted the filing - now, every time you come to that same page or click on that same button your computer is remembering the action it took the first time, which may have sent you back to the beginning of the application. You may wish to empty your cache file or seek assistance from your computer technician. If you continue to experience difficulty with this situation, it is most likely not an error within the filing application but within the settings on your computer. You may file by paper or attempt to file on a different computer.

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