This online service is provided by, a third-party working in partnership with the state of Kansas. The online price of items purchased through, the state's official Web portal, includes funds used to develop, maintain, enhance, and expand the service offerings of the state's portal. Please print the confirmation screen and save it. You will receive your license in the mail within approximately 15 working days.

 Renewal period is October 1 through December 1. A grace period is allowed until January 31. Renewals will be accepted from February 1 through March 1 but a LATE FEE of an additional $500 will apply. No renewals will be accepted after March 1.
 All odd numbered licensees renew before December 1st of each odd year. Even numbered licensees renew before December 1st of each even year.
  • All hygienists will need 30 hours of CE since December 1st of the last renewal, or 15 hours if this is their first renewal.
  • All dentists will need 60 hours of CE since December 1st of the last renewal, or 30 hours if it is their first renewal. If you are a specialist, 40 of the 60 hours, or for first renewal 20 of the 40 hours, must be in your specialty.

The Purchase Price for license renewals are as follows:

Note: Retired Licenses are $3.00 to renew.

License Type Purchase Price
Hygienist $131.00
Dentist $287.00
Late Fees after January 31st
License Type Purchase Price
Hygienist $631.00
Dentist $787.00

Materials Needed

You will need the last four digits of your social security number and your dental/dental hygiene license number to access your online renewal. You will need your credit card account information, or for an E-check, provide the bank account number and routing number.

Who CANNOT Use Online License Renewal?

There are some cases where individuals are not eligible to use the online license renewal process. Do NOT proceed online if you are:

  • Changing your retired or disabled license to an active license status
  • Changing from active to disabled status
  • Not fulfilling required amount of continuing education hours
  • Required to supply documentation, for example, active military, discipline in another state, malpractice settlement, criminal conviction

Alert to Active Military

You may renew online. However, doing so will require you to meet requirements and pay all license renewal fees. Your fees and your CE requirements may be waived by submitting a paper application along with your current military orders.

If you have questions, please contact the Kansas Dental Board.

Getting Started

If none of the preceding cases apply, you may begin the on-line renewal process.

Questions about your renewal?

Call 785-296-6400
or contact us at:

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