Forensic Science Laboratory Internships

On a limited basis, the KBI is offering unpaid internships to further the mission of the laboratory. The internship can be part of a university's practicum experience or a student's independent career-building initiative. Priority will be given to practicum students working towards a degree relevant to the field.

Internships for university students provide future forensic scientists the opportunity to experience an ISO accredited laboratory and contribute to the field of forensic science through research projects. The various benefits of an internship at the KBI include the following:
  • Learn relevant methods practiced in the forensic science disciplines
  • Contribute to the work performed by the forensic science laboratory
  • Network with KBI forensic scientists and law enforcement professionals
  • Participate in a meaningful career-related experience
  • Explore various forensic science disciplines and focus future career options
  • Increase post-graduate marketability

**Due to confidentiality concerns and the nature of the work, the KBI laboratory does not offer crime scene internships or arrangements consisting solely of shadowing. Additionally, the number of internships, project disciplines, and locations are limited and will fluctuate depending on availability.


Interns must meet the following criteria:

  • Upper level student (junior, senior, or graduate student) status at an accredited institution of higher education
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Enrolled during the semester student plans to intern
  • Appropriate degree and section-specific requirements for the discipline


Apply for Internship

The KBI Forensic Science Laboratory Internship Program provides opportunities throughout the year, depending on staffing and other resources. To ensure consideration, all applications should be submitted by the following deadlines. Applications received after the deadlines will only be considered if time allows and a project has not been filled.

  • Summer Internship: February 1
  • Fall Internship: May 1
  • Spring Internship: October 1

In order to be considered for participation in the program, the internship request must be completed and submitted with the following documentation:
  • Letter of interest
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Written recommendation letter from advisor and/or professor at institution
  • University transcript(s)

Required forms and documents can be submitted to the KBI Internship Committee at

Applicants will be scheduled for an interview with a panel consisting of personnel from the discipline in which the internship is to be served. The interview panel will make a decision on accepting the intern applicant.

Internship Availability

Topeka Great Bend Kansas City Pittsburg
Biology / DNA Analysis Yes *As Available No n/a
Chemistry Yes *As Available n/a *As Available
Crime Scene Response No No No No
Digital Evidence Yes n/a n/a n/a
Firearms / Toolmarks Yes n/a No n/a
Latent Prints Yes Yes n/a n/a
Toxicology Yes n/a n/a n/a
Trace No n/a n/a n/a

*The KBI has four (4) laboratory locations throughout the State of Kansas. Not all disciplines are represented at each of the laboratories. Depending on requests and staffing, internships in specific disciplines may be fulfilled in one of the satellite laboratory locations.


View Disqualifiers

Upon approval by the laboratory, the candidate will be provided an Intern Packet (conditional offer letter, background packet, and other pertinent forms) from the KBI to be returned by a designated date.

While the KBI considers the circumstances in many areas regarding a candidate's background, there are disqualifiers that will preclude applicants from consideration.

If no concerns are noted in the background packet, the candidate is scheduled for a polygraph. The polygraph lasts approximately 4 hours and is designed to ensure the candidate has been truthful in his or her representation of their personal history.

If the candidate passes the polygraph, he or she is scheduled for a background investigation. A special investigator will review all of the background material and talk to neighbors, current and prior employers, and others as necessary to determine that the candidate meets the background requirements of the KBI.

Upon successful completion of all of the steps outlined above, an offer of internship is made to the candidate and, if accepted, a start date is determined. The intern will then be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to their start date.

Internship Guidelines

Throughout the internship the following must be met:
  • Intern will report to the selected discipline for, at minimum, 180 hours per semester
  • Mentor will review performance regularly and provide feedback to the intern per a written assessment
  • Intern will keep a daily log of activities and provide a written assessment of the internship experience
  • Internship coordinator will review the activities and reports for all internships
  • One-on-one evaluations will be executed midway and at the completion of the internship
  • Intern will prepare a summary of the internship project in the form of a written report or presentation at the conclusion of the internship

Additionally, the internship coordinator may ask for feedback from the participants to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the program.

Contact Information

For general questions about the internship program, please contact the internship committee at