Trace Evidence Section


The Trace Evidence Section is responsible for performing elemental analysis, primer gunshot residue and fire debris testing. The section is in the process of developing capabilities in the trace disciplines of physical fit, fiber and paint.

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Types of Testing:

  • Elemental Analysis: Determine elemental make-up of evidentiary material.
  • Fire Debris: Analyze material from fire scenes for the presence of accelerants.
  • Fracture Match Analysis: Examination of evidence to determine if two items were at one time joined or bonded together as a single item.
  • Primer Gunshot Residue (PGSR): Analyze evidence for the presence of primer gunshot residue particles that result from the firing of a weapon.

Forms and Notices

Evidence Custody Receipt
Forensic Collection Kit Request Form
KBI Forensic Science Laboratory Evidence Submission Guidelines *Updated

Trace Section Supervisor

Chris Riddle – (785) 296-3277

The Trace Section is located in our Topeka Laboratory.

KBI Forensic Science Center
2001 SW Washburn Avenue
Topeka, KS 66604
(785) 296-1137