Internship Disqualifiers

The responsibilities of law enforcement involve public trust, therefore, the KBI seeks to select candidates whose conduct and character will reflect positively on the laboratory. For this reason the hiring process addresses the integrity, ethical conduct, honest, prejudices, financial responsibility, and past behavior in a comprehensive background investigation.

The following are examples of standards that will disqualify applicants from consideration:

  • Any felony
  • Any sexually motivated crime or other offense requiring registration
  • Any domestic violence or stalking
  • Any drug conviction
  • Any resisting arrest, attempting to flee and elude, or obstruction of justice
  • Any conviction related to a crime of deception (theft, fraud, perjury, etc.)
  • Any apparent pattern of criminal conduct within the last 10 years
  • Any misdemeanor crime involving violence within the last 5 years
  • Any intentional crime committed while employed with a criminal justice agency
  • Multiple moving violations/unpaid tickets
  • DUI convictions within the last year
  • Unpaid taxes or loans, unless on an approved payment plan
  • Any participation in a terrorist organization
  • Dishonorable discharge from the military
  • Gambling problems within the last 5 years
  • Any illegal sale, distribution, or manufacturing (including growing) of any drug
  • Illegal drug use other than marijuana or prescription drugs at any time, including cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, MDMA, LSD, and PCP
  • Marijuana and prescription drug use: any juvenile criminal activity within the last 3 years, any adult criminal activity in the last 5 years, any use within the last 5 years
  • Intentionally falsifying information during the employment process
  • Poor work history or unresolved negative references

A complete list of employment disqualifiers is available here