Kansas Board of Cosmetology

Board Members


David Yocum, Chair
Cosmetology Profession Schools: Operator of a Cosmetology School Licensed by the Board and Licensed Nail Technician and Instructor

Roger Dean Holmes, Jr., Vice Chair
Tanning: Owner and Operator of Tanning Facilities

Christine "Tina" Burgardt
Licensed Cosmetologist

Kathryn Skepnek
Licensed Cosmetologist

Linda Boots
Licensed Cosmetologist

Charles "Chuck" Householder
Body Art: Licensed Tattoo/Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Approved Tattoo Trainer

Kimberley Holm
General Public

Glenda Chappell
General Public

If you are unable to read any of the information contained on this website, please contact the Kansas Board of Cosmetology at the following address or telephone number. We will be happy to assist you.

714 SW Jackson, Jayhawk Walk Building, Suite 100, Topeka, Kansas
Phone: (785) 296-3155 * Fax (785) 296-3002 * kboc@kboc.ks.gov
Chiquita C. Coggs, Executive Director