Kansas Board of Cosmetology

Forms & Applications

Please allow at least 7-10 business days to process information/applications received.
Work is processed in the order it is received.

Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Esthetics, and Electrology Forms

1. Change of Name/Address Form

2. Cos/Esth/NT/Elec Practitioner Renewal
3. Duplicate Practitioner License

4. Statement of Performance of Cosmetology Services Outside a Licensed Establishment

5. Licensure or Training Verification Form

6. Out of State License Application

7. Practitioner License Application
8. Temporary Permit Application

9. Apprentice Application

10. Senior Status License Application

Facility Forms

31. Cosmetology Establishment Application
32. Nail Tech, Esthetics, or Electrology Establishment Application
33. Tanning Establishment Application
34. Body Art Establishment Application

35. Cos/Esth/NT/Elec Facility Renewal Form

36. Change of Name/Ownership Form - Facility

37. Body Art Facility Renewal
38. Body Art Client Record

39. Tanning Renewal Application

40. Log of Tanning Training

41. Duplicate Facility License

42. Infection Control Seminar Request Form


Body Art Forms

11. Body Art Practitioner Renewal
12. License Reinstatement (> 6 months expired)
13. Duplicate Practitioner License

14. Body Art Facility Renewal
15. Duplicate Facility License

16.Client Record

17. Establishment Application

18. Trainer Application
19. Verification of Full-Time Active Practice

20. Apprentice Application
21. Training Log - Body Piercing
22. Training Log - Tattoo Artist

23. Practitioner License Application

24. Out of State Application for Examination

25. Change of Name/Address Form - Practitioner


School Forms and Resources

43. School Renewal Form

44. School Contact Spreadsheet

45. Apprentice Application
46. High School Guidelines
47. New Felony Process - School Guide

48. Transfer of Hours Form - Cosmetology
49. Transfer of Hours Form - Esthetics
50. Transfer of Hours Form - Nail Tech
51. Transfer of Hours Form - Barber
Transfer of Hours Form - Electrology

53. Transfer of Hours Form- Instructor

54. How to apply for Kansas Licensure
55. Practitioner License Application Checklist

56. Practitioner License Application
57. Temporary Permit Application

58. Notice of Completion - Cosmetology
59. Notice of Completion - Esthetics
60. Notice of Completion - Nail Tech

61. Field Study Request Form Pre or Post
(Field Study Request Guidance Document)

62. Instructor-in-Training Permit Application
63. Instructor-in-Training Verification Form
64. Instructor Work Certification
65. New Instructor Application

66. Instructor Renewal
67. Instructor CE Submission Form
68. Instructor CE Sign In Sheet
69. Cosmetology Instructor Continuing Education Policy

70. Instructor Reinstate/Out of State Application

71. Duplicate Facility License Application
72. Infection Control Seminar Request Form

73. Cosmetology School Application
74. Nail Technology School Application
75. Esthetics School Application

Other Forms

26. Open Records Request Form

27. Law Book Order Form

28. Infection Control Seminar Request Form

29. Log of Tanning Training

30. Credit Card Authorization Form

Enforcement Forms

76. Board Complaint Form

77. Felony Reporting Packet

78. Felony Disclosure Form
79. Felony Monitoring Form

80. Infection Control Seminar Request Form

Submit Payment

You must notify the Board office if you have not received your license within 30 days of the date of your renewal or application submission.
Failure to do so may result in a $25 duplicate license fee

If you are unable to read any of the information contained on this website, please contact the Kansas Board of Cosmetology. We will be happy to assist you.

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