Propane tank used to store anhydrous ammonia

Illegal Use of Anhydrous Ammonia

Kansas is experiencing a new type of methamphetamine production that uses anhydrous ammonia as one of its main ingredients. Methamphetamine producers are taking containers to CO-OPs to have them filled or they steal it from tanks on privately-owned fields.

Indications of illegal use of anhydrous ammonia:

  • Anhydrous ammonia stored in small propane tanks, plastic gas containers or insulated coolers.
  • Brass fittings on container have turned blue or green.
  • Container has frost forming on it.
  • Privately-owned anhydrous ammonia tanks are found with the valve open.

If someone has tried to purchase anhydrous ammonia from you or your tank has been tampered with, contact your local law enforcement agency or the Kansas Bureau of Investigation at 1 800 KS CRIME.