Seasonal marijuana growing is usually done on land owned or leased by individuals or organizations. However, some persons attempt to raise their illegal crops on publicly-owned lands where there is little or no direct access to the public. Some individuals and organizations prefer to grow marijuana in a greenhouse or hot house where year-round harvests are possible. This type of operation is more difficult to detect

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Signs of indoor marijuana grows

  • Windows that would normally be open are always covered
  • Outbuildings have air conditioners
  • Water lines run to basement or outbuilding
  • Electrical cords run to basement or outbuilding
  • Outbuilding or residence has unusual amount of roof vents or exhaust fan noise
  • Ballast noise
  • Window sweating
  • Utility meter tampered with, allegedly damaged or has broken seals
  • Excess potting soil or other grow mediums around suspect building or in immediate area
  • Utilities obtained under assumed names with payment made in cash
  • Unexplained and unseasonably high utility bills
  • Purchase of very expensive heat lamps for unexplained use
  • House rented under assumed names with payment made in cash

Signs of outdoor marijuana grows

  • Individuals from another state or another area of Kansas paying large cash down payments for tracts of land (or paying for land totally in cash)
  • Individuals with no experience or knowledge about ranching or farming buying that type of land and indicating no visible means of support
  • Unusual amount of vehicular traffic (especially at night) carrying unknown individuals on and off the property with entrance gates always being locked after entry
  • Property with excessive security posted, ( i.e. signs advertising alarm systems, "beware of dog" and "keep out" signs), high fences, heavy chains and locks on gates, etc.
  • Use of guard dogs, especially in certain areas of the property, i.e. around tin barn or building in an isolated area of the property
  • The building of a large green house or tin barn on property where these structures would not normally be utilized
  • Erection of tents or the utilization of camper trailers or other recreational vehicles on wooded property with no evidence of recreational activities
  • Utilization of a large amount of PVC pipe and hose for irrigation of unknown type of crop in a heavily wooded area
  • Large outbuildings on the property where suspicious activity is observed and doors/windows are kept closed

There are several different types of equipment used with both indoor and outdoor grows. Watch for:

  • Large purchases by individuals of fertilizer, garden hose, plastic PVC pipe, chicken wire, long pieces of 2 x 2 lumber, different sizes of pots (utilized for different stages of growing plants), machetes, camouflage netting, camouflage clothing, various sizes of step ladders (up to 18 to 20 feet) usually painted with green and brown paint, green plastic garden tie materials, cans of green spray paint, large trash bags, lanterns, portable heaters (such as large kerosene heaters), extension cords, heat lamps and fans.

For more information/pictures about types of drugs and how to identify them, please visit the US Drug Enforcement Administration website.