If you have information on any of these subjects please call the Kansas Bureau of Investigation toll free at 1-800-KS-Crime.

Governor's Reward - Star G. Boomer

$5000 REWARD

Star G. Boomer - Victim

Date of Birth: 2-15-1960
5 foot 4 inches, 140 pounds, blue eyes, blonde hair
Last known address:
1737 South 49th Street
Kansas City, Kansas

On the evening of February 23, 1999, Ms. Star Boomer was patron of Uncle Mike's Bar at 49th and Metropolitan in Kansas City, Kansas. Witnesses say she was involved in a violent altercation with a man believed to be lifelong criminal with a history of violent behavior, particularly toward women. At one point during the evening, Ms. Boomer allegedly was knocked to the ground, causing her to lose consciousness, Ms. Boomer has not been seen or heard from since that date.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department are continuing the investigation. Investigators believe several individuals may have knowledge and information to help solve this crime, but witnesses have not yet discovered enough evidence to proceed with an arrest or prosecution.

If you have information call the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department, Homicide/Robbery Unit at 913-573-6010 or the Kansas Bureau of Investigation at 1-800 KS CRIME (1-800-572-7463).

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